Welcome to the team, Kylie!

We recently welcomed a new team member in our seafood group here in Australia. Kylie Grenfell is our new project administrator. She has a strong background in project and financial administration, mainly in the NSW Commercial Fishing sector. She is a great communicator and will work with all of our stakeholders and clients to ensure that everyone is working well together to achieve the same goals. Kylie will be your contact for audit contracts and invoices. She is very much looking forward to contributing her knowledge and experience to this role and we are delighted to have her on board.

Congratulations to Australia East Coast King Prawn Fishery!

The Australia East Coast King Prawn fishery was awarded MSC certification at the end of June. This means the king prawns that are caught by the fishery may now bear the MSC eco-label.

The Murphy Group operated fishery has 10 vessels that cover in an offshore deep-water area (>120m) off the coast off Hervey Bay in Queensland.

The Murphy Group is a sub-group of the much larger East Coast Otter Trawl Fishery. They have shown leadership and worked very hard to get to this point, starting their journey in 2020.

Quote from Therese Murphy said:

“The team at Australian Ocean King Prawn Company are very proud to have achieved MSC Certification. We are also very excited to pursue the opportunities that certification presents. The process was a great chance to put processes in place to ensure our business achieves optimum economic productivity while maintaining sustainable fishing practices."

As the fishery is managed using effort controls, real-time monitoring of effort is required to provide an accurate record for effort quota management and compliance. All vessels in the fishery must have a vessel monitoring system installed. The Murphy vessels also have video cameras on 7 of the 10 vessels in its fleet to monitor bycatch and other species interaction. The footage is being sent to an independent expert for analysis. The benthic habitats in the area of operation is also being monitored, using drop cameras, in deep water (> 100m) and analysed by experts.

bio.inspecta`s assessment team included independent auditors that are highly experienced in prawn and trawl fisheries in Australia. The team will return annually to assess the continuous improvement and progress on meeting the conditions that were set as part of the assessment.

Client representative Therese Murphy (right) and two members of the assessment team observing unloading of the vessel “Emma”.See more information here and a short video on Linkedin here


bio.inspecta would like to congratulate all our clients who won an award at the recent Sustainable Seafood Awards held at Melbourne Zoo. bio.inspecta’s Ed Capapas attended the event and was excited to see the dedication and commitment of our clients to their sustainable seafood journey.

bio.inspecta's Ed with clients Harley & Johns' and Yumbah Aquaculture.

Learn more about the sustainable seafood winners here.

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