The benefits of gaining ASC certification are diverse. As well as protecting the environment, ASC certification has proven to make good business sense:

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT. Poorly managed and operated seafood organisations can have a range of adverse environmental and social impacts. MSC, ASC and MSC Chain of Custody certification confirms your organisation is well-managed and is sustaining resources and livelihoods for future generations. 

USE THE RECOGNISED SEAFOOD LABELS. Being certified means meeting the world’s most recognised benchmarks for sustainable and responsible seafood, and your product can be sold with the MSC and ASC labels. 

MEET BUYER DEMAND FOR CERTIFIED PRODUCTS. 71% of seafood consumers across 23 markets believe retailers’ and brands’ claims about sustainability and the environment need to be clearly labelled by an independent organisation. 65% believe to protect the ocean, we must consume fish and shellfish only from sustainable sources.* 

GAIN ACCESS TO NEW MARKETS. Due to rapidly increasing consumer demand for sustainable seafood, some of the world’s largest retailers and seafood businesses have made commitments to source sustainable seafood preferring MSC and ASC products. Achieving third-party certification of your products allows you to meet the sourcing requirement of these companies and access lucrative markets. 

ENHANCED COMMERCIAL CONDITIONS. Certified producers often report more stable and better contract conditions for their certified products. 

SAFEGUARD JOBS. Through good management practices, a sustainable business means stability and positive social impacts for its employees. 

DEMONSTRATE SOCIAL REPONSIBILITY. Social responsibility is central to ASC certification. By demonstrating good communication with stakeholders and the community, a farm can strengthen these relationships and their social licence. The ASC Standards also place a strong emphasis on workplace rights and conditions. This unique aspect of the ASC system and the public nature of reports enables consumer confidence. 

*Survey conducted in 2020 by independent research and strategy consultancy, GlobeScan