bio.inspecta is an experienced and qualified MSC and ASC Conformity Assessment Body offering the full range of services under this scheme. Our team include experts that have been assessing fisheries and farms against these standards since 2009 when bio.inspecta’s Managing Director, Dr Sabine Daume, led the surveillance audit of the first fishery to be MSC certified worldwide – Western Australia Rock Lobster Fishery. Sabine has been assessing the fishery every year since. 

bio.inspecta has demonstrated global expertise in seafood certification services spanning a vast range of species and geographies. Our certification services, auditors and clients now extend throughout the Indian, Pacific, Atlantic and Southern Oceans and continentally across Oceania, Europe, and Africa. We consistently deliver high-quality services based on robust quality management processes and procedures. We are ideally placed to assist you efficiently and cost-effectively in the provision of quality seafood assessment services. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our specific expertise relating to your needs.