For us, seafood stewardship is a fundamental and necessary, environmental, and social endeavour. Our mission is to be part of the food security solution — enhancing the seafood industry to operate under the highest sustainability standards available globally today, protecting communities and the world around us.


bio.inspecta’s approach to sustainability assessments is based on our four core values: 


We are an impact-driven organisation...

with a vision for a trusted and responsible seafood industry that is committed to maintaining healthy aquatic environments and the communities that depend on them 

and a mission to empower the seafood industry to demonstrate trusted environmental and socially responsible seafood production and procurement practices. 


An unwavering commitment to the robust implementation of the Marine and Aquaculture Stewardship Councils and Chain of Custody standards. We pride ourselves on scientific rigour, governance, and stakeholder and client engagement. Our clients can have confidence that their certification achievement will be rewarded with a reputation for impartiality, quality and unquestionable integrity. 


We value the commitment and collective effort of clients and stakeholders to ensure responsible and sustainable seafood production. We are steadfast in our role with a dedicated team to ensure the best use of clients time and money. Our utmost professionalism means our clients receive transparent and timely communications, clarity and commitment to timelines, the provision of tools to assist the assessment process and quality stakeholder engagement. 


Based on our care for the seafood industry and the environment and communities it operates in, we take a holistic approach that encompasses our clients, stakeholders, staff and broader team spread all over the world. To us, caring means collaboration on maximum value and being responsive to the unique needs of every individual client delivering attentive service throughout the certification cycle, not just at assessment events. You can be assured we care about you being rewarded for your investment in responsible and sustainable seafood.